Rainbows and dragons, oh my!

As I am sure all soon to be three year olds do, Juniper began planning her birthday party roughly six months ago. (Not your three year old? Okay, then the apple does not fall far apparently.) The party had different versions but pretty solidly stayed “rainbow dragon” themed. Since I live for a good themed party, it was pretty much the best thing ever.

It is funny how three suddenly means I no longer have a baby. I mean, I obviously knew that, but in a more “sure, she’ll get big eventually”way. On the other hand, she is so sweet and spirited. I love all of her ideas and how she will unexpectedly exclaim “oh my world!” 

We had a little party over at an art studio for kids in Portland (smartypantspdx for any locals!) and it was fantastic. The first part the kids made rainbow dragons with construction paper and lots of washi tape. Then they had open studio time (lots of paint! a giant cardboard castle! amazing!) until we did cake and gifts. 

Juniper has some of the sweetest cousins and friends, and it was so fun watching her open gifts from them. We talk a lot about celebrating people and intentional ways to make them feel special, so it was so fun to witness Juniper experience that as a recipient.

I made a cake using this recipe and this frosting. My nephew said it tastes just like sugar cookies and I have to agree. It was delicious. My dear friend Abi made the sweet topper.

We had rainbow fruit salad and rainbow goldfish crackers to snack on. We filled party bags with some dragon paint by numbers, plastic dragons and rainbow stickers, as well as these dragon pins (huge hit!) and these hair bows for the girls.

(Best family picture from the day, because three year olds are increasingly difficult to capture long enough to photograph. Still love it.)


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