That is a terrible title for a post, I know. It is the equivalent of writing “Obvious!”. But I am having a tough time wrapping my mind around the new year this time around. There is a lot of uncertainty out in our larger, collective world and we feel it.

Nick and I both have been really trying to focus on all of the certain things ahead for us and our family this year. Like Juniper in pre-school! Which she is totally rocking, as best a three year old can. Seriously. Every time I think about her pre-school program, how awesome her teachers are and how totally thriving she is, it is enough right there.

And, a baby! We are going to have a baby! A little baby due at the end of May. We decided not to find the gender out this time and I am loving it. Nick, not so much. He really goes back and forth between extreme excitement for the surprise of it all! and total paralysis for the lack of control he feels in not knowing. Sorry friend, surprise and excitement wins out!

Also, I kon-mari’d our closets over the Winter break. Which I felt pretty amazing about. Until it snowed a ridiculous amount for the Pacific Northwest and completely shut everything down. Which means I have been too chicken to go outside anymore than necessary and there are bags and stacks of clothing just sitting in my dining room, laughing at me. Plus our mudroom is filled with recycling and they just canceled garbage and recycling services for this week. Seriously.

Well, the weather services says we are in for an ice storm today. Picture one thousand cry laughing emojis here.


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